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On Sunday 8th September Bianca Nesiu-Bedreag was able to present Emma Parker as the 1000th Friend of Scouting in Europe at the 95th Gilwell Reunion and 100th year of Gilwell.

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More emotional scenes from FESB as WOSM are sad to say goodbye to David McKee, who has served as regional director for 15 incredible years. Thank you, David, for your amazing contribution to the European Scout Region, the NSOs and NSAs and leaving the mark on the life´s of many individuals across Europe.

With this handover photo, we are also happy to welcome Abir Koubaa as a new regional director and wish her the best of luck in her future role.

The newly elected WOSM European committee for the 2019-2022 triennium has announced Lars Kramm as chair and Martin Persson as a vice-chair of the committee.


The Bronze Wolf, Scouting's highest honour, the only award presented by the World Scout Committee, has been awarded to Anne Whiteford in recognition of her exceptional service to the Scout Movement.

We congratulate the World Scout Ambassador - Edward Michael Grylls (Bear) OBE Chief Scout, for “services to Young People to the Media and to charity”.

Adam Jollans on being awarded the MBE for “services to scouting and young people”.

David Mowbray on being awarded the MBE for “community service in UK and abroad”.

This year it will be in Romania, on 10-13 October 2019: the invitation is now published on the website.

Please register early, as it is likely to be again fully booked.

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FOSE poloshirt

You can now order branded Friends of Scouting Europe polo shirts and sweatshirts. Read more >>

Preparing Better Futures 190717 1

Jack Maxton, International Commissioner, outlined the proposals/strategy of the Scout Association 2018 – 2022 based on ‘People, Programme and Perspectives’. 

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We propose to devise and promote a project funded by the European Scout Foundation and Eric Frank Trust to involve UK Scouts with Scouts in one of the Eastern European countries. We hope to encourage a Group, District or County in the UK to become a partner with us in this promotion that will be formulated in the New Year by one or two of our members who have volunteered to assist, (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Matthew (Troll) Percival) and should you be interested in this initiative would you kindly let us know.


Our Facebook is regularly updated by Anne Whiteford, keeping everyone involved in our activities, including pictures from our receptions.

ISSU Badge

Friends of Scouting Europe - UK. members form one of the Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) of ISSU, thus allowing those members who wish to maintain their membership of the UK Scout Association.

Membership details and the latest ISSU Newsletter can be found on their website at

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