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A: Actions taken since last Meeting – September 2017, Copenhagen

  1. To increase number of friends to 50 by end of 2017 and 100 by end if 2018 and appoint a Youth Superfriend
  2. FOSE – no events organised since September 2017.
  3. Reception at Gilwell Reunion 8th September 2018 at noon and recruitment throughout day in International Marquee at the FOSE – UK stand
  4. Regular Newsletter to Friends Autumn 2017 and Christmas 2017
  5. Continuing contact with UK Chapter BP Fellows World Scout Foundation
  6. FOSE – UK is a Special Interest Group within International Scout Support Unit, which works under the International Commissioner
  7. Attending International Scout Support Unit (ISSU) Forum meeting January 20 2018

B: Situation in December 2017

  2016 2017 New
Life 11 14 3
Annual 17 36 19
Total 28 50 22
Donations (Life Friends)     2

All annual friends renewed for 12 months

C: Update January 2018

  • 1 Annual friend becomes Life Friend
  • 1 Annual friend

D: Development Plan for the coming year

  1. Reception at Gilwell Park – September 2018 to encourage recruitment
  2. Appoint Youth Development person (25/30 years old)
  3. Closer ties with The Scout Association – International Commissioner and his team
  4. Discuss Project Application to be funded by ESF for UK Scouts to sponsor a joint project with a Scout Group/District in Eastern Europe funded by European Scout Fund.
  5. To create greater awareness of FOSE to the Scout Association and Team International
  6. Encourage support for FOSE-UK friends to attend FOSE Regional Gatherings
  7. To regularly update social media with FOSE events, ie Facebook and Twitter

Alan K B Beavis OBE
FOSE Country Update January 2018R

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