The Friends of Scouting in Europe (FOSE) is an initiative of the European Scout Foundation, individuals can demonstrate their support for the ideals and aspirations of Scouting, by contributing financially to the Movement in Europe.

This exciting initiative has huge potential to provide real and visible support to the development and growth of the Scouting Movement all over Europe.

How do the Friends of Scouting in Europe support European Scouting?

Through their contributions, the Friends of Scouting in Europe support the Movement in two ways:

By funding projects presented to the European Scout Foundation by the National Scout Organisations.

By providing capital for an investment fund for the long term development and growth of Scouting in Europe.

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How can you contribute to the development of Scouting in Europe?

Becoming a Friend of Scouting in Europe

Financing projects from National Scout Organisations in Europe

Making a direct donation or help raise money

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