FOSE-UK March 2024 News

I trust that you are well and enjoying your Scouting and other activities.

I hope that you receive direct news from the ESF Board and its Chair, Vivian, advising you of the way your donation assists with the development of Scouting in Europe.

Last year, thanks to you and our other Friends in the UK, we achieved our largest annual donation to the European Scout Foundation, assisted by the Receptions at the Gilwell Reunion and with the Speaker at the House of Commons.

We now have 26 Life Friends, 37 Annual Friends as well as several group Friends.

Gilwell Reunion 2024

The Gilwell Reunion this year is from Friday August 30 to Sunday September 1 2024. We look forward to meeting again on Saturday Augst 31st 2024.

Would you like to assist with our promotion on the Saturday 31 August 2024? If you are able to attend kindly advise me as your assistance is essential for all of us to renew and expand our friendships.

We will have an opportunity to promote the Friends of Scouting in Europe – UK and seek support for Scouting across Europe at our presence in the International Zone and Reception. This will give you an opportunity to say ‘Hello’, especially to those who joined last year, together with meeting many Friends and speaking to Leaders about FOSE. 

Annual / Life and Reef Knot Donation

Finally, why not become a Life or Reef Knot Friend this year. Prices will increase next year, so now is the time to take the plunge.

I would draw your attention to the changes in Friend’s categories of donations from 2025, with the implementation of the enhanced donation processing system, introduction of the Reef Knot for new Friends or existing Life Friends to upgrade.

Are you going to be the first Reef Knot Friend in the UK?

  • Annual subscription (€ 150/year)

  • Annual subscription for under 30 (€ 75/year)

  • Life friend (€ 2000)

  • Life friend to the Reef knot friend upgrade (€ 2000)

  • Reef knot friend (€ 4000)

Three new pin badges will be given…
Annual donation: Blue
Life: Red
Reef: Black

European Scout Foundation News

At the recent Board Meeting in Basel, Switzerland they welcomed Nora Leandra as Legal Advisor. Johan Olof Strid will assume the role of Vice Chair, succeeding David Lenny, together with Nora Lipp to promote community engagement with younger friends.

Their latest news goes direct to your e-mail and the ESF newsletters from the Chair of the Foundation, Vivian, outlining the support being given in grants to projects.


If you are not receiving these direct messages, please contact me, or check your Spam. We are aware of some messages going to Spam.  Please ensure that you have added ESF emails to those that your service provider will accept.

Thank you for your support of the European Scout Foundation’s mission. Together, we can continue to make a positive impact on the Scouting community.

Wishing you all a successful and inspiring Scouting season ahead.

Dates To Note

Gilwell Reunion: 31st August -1st September 2024
Please advise if you will be able to assist with the Exhibitor stand and or Reception.

FOSE Tour in Croatia 2024: Thursday 3rd October – Sunday 6th October
Whether we go to Split to Zagreb or to one of the other beautiful Croatian cities is still the subject of discussion.

Recruiting Donors

Why not Invite a scout friend to support our efforts.