Serbia 2017

Annual Gathering of the Friends of Scouting in Europe took place in Serbia 12/15 October 2017

1. Opening

Henrik Söderman, newly elected Chairman of the European Scout Foundation, welcomed the 50 Friends of Scouting in Europe (FOSE) to the 19th Annual FOSE Gathering. The Gatherings allow the FOSE to get to know the local realities in which Scouting operates. The organisers, Lene and Peter, and the Scout Organisation of Serbia were thanked for their warm welcome and for the programme in Jagodina and surroundings.

2. Message from the Chairman of the European Scout Committee

The greetings from Kevin Camilleri, chairman of the European Scout Committee, was received with appreciation. The main priority for the Region remains membership growth and FOSE is making a valuable contribution in this direction.

3. Report of the activities and finances of the past year

Henrik invited Jørgen Rasmussen, now Honorary Chairman, to present together the report. In this transition year, the level of activity remained high. FOSE receptions were organised in 15 countries and 8 projects were supported. 100 new FOSE have been welcomed, and the number of FOSE has reached 700.

The ESF seeks to involve additional volunteers. Bianca Nesiu-Bedreag, former president of Romanian Scout Organisation (ONCR) was introduced as a new board member. New country coordinators (“Super Friends”) were introduced: Siegfried Riediger (Germany), Laura Grönlund & Timo Muttonen (Finland), and Thomas Hirt (Switzerland).

Walter Hofstetter, Treasurer, presented the financial situation. The financial year has ended on 30 September 2017, and the annual accounts are being prepared. In line with the usual transparency, the accounts will be circulated in early 2018 once they are audited. The year has had a good result thanks to the growing number of FOSE and the performance of the investments. The FOSE donations were 107 000 CHF in the past year. The capital accumulated by the FOSE has now reached 1.3 million CHF.

4. Time and place of next Annual Gathering

An invitation for the 20th Annual Gathering was received from Montenegro for 11-14 October 2018. It was accepted with acclamation.

5. Any Other Business

Scouting Netherland, host of Roverway 2018, invited FOSE members to attend the dedicated FOSE Reception during the event.
Jørgen invited all FOSE members to support the organisation of EuroJAM in 2020 in Poland.

6. Close of the meeting

Henrik closed the meeting and thanked all the participants.

Bianca Nesiu-Bedreag / 14 October 2017