New Projects require your support

We all hope that at least the war activities will end soon. Today it is important for the board to thank all those of you who gave and give a lot of their time and energy to the Ukranian and the refugees. A big thank you also goes to all those who have already made a donation for the Ukranian projects, became a FOSE recently or will support projects in the future.

With your help we could already support following three projects:

Two projects in Poland:

After an immediate response to the crisis where the Polish scouts provided food and hygiene packages, blankets, sleeping bags and other items necessary for survival to their scout friends from Ukraine they then provided medical supplies and equipment to help establish field hospitals and provided medical care to all refugees. The ESF could help finance fuel for the transports and meals, snacks and hot drinks during work for the volunteers or on a long journey with transport.

In the second project the ESF financed volunteer equipment and food (including but not limited to: large thermos for hot drinks, vests, protein bars, gloves, torchlights, masks), shelf stable food and water supplies, sanitation and hygienic supplies and non consumable supplies.


The main goal of this project is to ensure the smooth and effective inclusion of children and young people who come and stay in Slovakia into their ranks. Activities the Slovakian scouts are planning to achieve their goal: Creating a methodology for lead volunteers, so they have guidelines once the Ukrainian children join their ranks. This methodology will also be used in training courses. In order to create effective inclusion, they need to reduce the language barrier and therefore ensure the translation of programme materials into the Ukrainian language.

Polish scouts in action / fot. Julia Jurek