FOSE-UK News Nov 2020

FOSE UK VIRTUAL Presentation - Gilwell Reunion 2020

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions we were unable to hold our usual Reception together at the Gilwell Reunion. We were however able to participate in the Virtual event with a presentation that was available for those with access to the internet. We thank those participated and David McKee for hosting the presentation, assisted by Bianca Nesiu-Bedreag, Vice Chair European Scout Foundation and technical assistance from Agnieszka Pospiszyl .

However, it did not give us an opportunity to meet each other and exchange personal greeting as we would normally do together once a year,

So we arranged a virtual Reception.

We were able to promote a Virtual FOSE Reception on Sunday 11 October 2020 for friends and those interested in joining and supporting the work of the European Scout Foundation.

We thank those who provide presentations:-

Craig Turpie, Chairperson World Scout Committee of the World Organisation of the Movement, former Chair of the European Scout committee, then National Programme Commissioner in the UK. Craig gave an overview on the way Scouts throughout the world were responding to the Corvid outbreak in their countries with practical support in their communities.

Callum Kaye, International Commissioner for the UK who welcomed friends from around UK, Europe and beyond. Callum has a natural connection to all things European. Formally Deputy International Commissioner and now International Commissioner. Callum looks forward to developing our connections.

Henrik Söderman, Chairperson of European Scout Foundation and formally International Commissioner for the Guides and Scouts of Finland, a member and then Vice Chair of the European Scout Committee provided an update on activities from friends around Europe and the granting of money for projects this year, with over 17 application for grants.

Steve Morton, Member of our UK Team gave an update on work that FOSE has done to help the development of a Scout Centre in Serbia, with a video on the project funded by the European Scout Foundation.

We then were provided with an update on action in growing our membership in the UK from our Coordinator, Alan Beavis and we held an open forum and thanked David McKee another members of the UK Team for hosting the reception.

Join the FOSE online Gathering

4th November 2020
We can’t meet around the campfire, but we can meet on-line! Feel invited to join the 2nd on-line FOSE gathering!

When: 4th November 7.00 pm UK
Where: Zoom –

Membership Renewal

We thank all our UK Friends for renewing their annual donation to the European Scout Foundation ending the year with 20 Life Friends and 33 Annual Donation Friends.

We look forward to your continued support in 2021 and reminder notices will be issued from now until the end of September 2021 when annual donations are due. To assist administration, would you kindly respond when you receive a request for renewal.

Keith Shackleton has become a Life Friend and we welcome Alan Venn as a new Friend.

Future FOSE Events

We are planning to hold two receptions in 2021 – Houses of Parliament, London and in Edinburgh, Scotland together with the annual Gilwell Reunion 4th September 2021

Annual visit to European Country October 2021

Future Plan for closer cooperation with Projects funded by the European Scout Foundation

Steve Morton is looking at way we can get young people in the UK involved in projects funded by the ESF in Eastern Europe. Watch our Facebook for more information.

European Scout Foundation Update

How are your donations helping developing Scouting in Eastern Europe?

We some positive news from supported projects funded through grants from the European Scout Foundation.

Details can be found on at

We have formed a team to promote Friends of Scouting Europe in the United Kingdom comprising of:

  • Alan K B Beavis UK coordinator
  • Anne Whiteford Trustee Erik Frank Trust
  • David McKee recently retired Director of WOSM European Region
  • Steve Morton Member International Scout Support Unit  

We are one of the International Scout Support Unit – Special Interest Groups (SIG’s), thus enabling us to work in close cooperation with the Scout Association in UK. For more information on ISSU visit

Thank you for your ongoing support to Scouting in Europe in these exceptional times.