FOSE-UK Summer News

Your kind donation to the European Scout Foundation is needed now more than before with the increased applications for grant aid to Scouting in Eastern Europe.

May I invite whose how give annual donations to FOSE if they have not yet done so please do so now as now by sending either via the UK Co- Ordinator or direct to ESF.

You will receive direct to your e mail box the ESF newsletters from the Chair of the Foundation Vivian outlining the support being given in grants to projects. visit If not contact me to check your details on web mail. I hope you have noted the further changes to the ESF board.

We welcome your support and your friends as it gives us an opportunity to talk and explain the work of the Friends of Scouting Europe to new leaders the UK.

Gilwell Reunion 2023 is now live and we again have an opportunity to promote ourselves and the support we offer to Scouting in Eastern Europe. Would you like to join the FOSE Team and help us over the weekend at our exhibitor’s base that has been booked in the International Marquee and at our FOSE Reception, venue and time to be confirmed!

Date: Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September 2023
Venue: International Marquee ,Gilwell Park, Chingford, Essex
FOSE Reception venue: tba

Our postposed reception from last year with the Speaker of the House of Commons in Westminster is going to be on Monday October 23rd 2023 at 6.00pm, so why not take a weekend break in London.

FOSE Tour 2023

In the beautiful city of Gdansk in Poland. The programme is planned from Thursday 28th September afternoon, till Sunday 1st October after lunch. Cost: € 335 Closing date for registration: 15th August 2023 More details and a link to the registration for can be found here >>

Recruiting Donors

Why not Invite a scout friend to support our efforts.