News from Eastern Europe

There is war in Europe again, a shock to us all, as Russia has invaded neighbouring Ukraine, a large war many of us thought impossible in Europe. Children and young people are displaced, hurt and even killed.

Scouts in Ukraine and neighbouring countries are doing whatever they can to support the large numbers of refugees and displaced people, giving hope, warmth and food. Scouts in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and other countries are doing all they can to support those fleeing for their lives. 

The need for financial support among the Scout Groups on the ground is immense. Money is needed to provide shelter, bedding, toiletries, equipment, food, medical supplies etc. Many Scout meeting places and campsites are being used to house refugees and Scout volunteers are managing these centres using their own funds. FOSE are therefore seeking to collect and donate unprecedented levels of funding to help Scouts in the region helping those in need. If you already donate to FOSE by an annual contribution or a life friend, please consider making an additional donation.

You can also help us in supporting Scouts, on the ground
in Ukraine and the surrounding countries.

It is needed dearly. If your local Scouts would like to carry out fundraising events in aid of victims of this war, for example: St George’s Day collections, please consider donating to support Scouts in the region helping those displaced. We will keep you informed how the money will be used.

Kandersteg International Scout Centre has hosted refugees since the start of the war, just as they did during the 2nd World War. The centre is now also hosting children and young people who have been separated from their parents and family by the war.

Chorley District Scouts usually arrange charitable collections at the time of their St George’s Day celebration each April. This year the district has decided to donate their donation to Scouts in Central and Eastern Europe supporting refugees from Ukraine. They will be making this donation via FOSE-UK to ensure the funds reach Scout groups on the ground who are providing shelter, food, resources, and homes for those displaced by the war in Ukraine.

Please share with us what is being done locally inviting your local Scouts to donate this year’s St George’s day appeal to this fund. 

FOSE-UK Team will provide a ‘Thank you’ card for all donation received either directly or through the Erik Frank trust.