FOSE-UK News Spring 2021

FOSE UK Virtual Presentation – Spring 2021

Due to the continued Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to hold any physical receptions and therefore proposed to continue with virtual events, where a presentation will be available for those with access to the internet.

The FOSE-UK Team are currently planning this event and we would ask you to watch for further information.

Membership Renewal

We thank all our UK Friends for renewing their annual donation to the European Scout Foundation ending the year with 20 Life Friends and 33 Annual Donation Friends.

We look forward to your continued support in 2021 and reminder notices will be issued from now until the end of September 2021 when annual donations are due. To assist administration, would you kindly respond when you receive a request for renewal.

Keith Shackleton has become a Life Friend and we welcome Alan Venn as a new Friend.

Gilwell Reunion 2021

4 September 2021. We await news as to whether there will be a physical or virtual or a mix of both at Gilwell Reunion this year and ask that you watch this space for further information.

Future FOSE Events

As previously advised we are hoping to have a Reception in the Spring, although this will be dependent upon our invited guest/speaker’s availability. We will advise as soon as arrangements are in place.

We then look forward to having a virtual Reception at the Gilwell Reunion on 4 September 2021.
The annual visit to a European country organised by our friends from Sweden in October 2021 has been cancelled.

European Scout Foundation Update

At the Annual Board Meeting of the European Scout Foundation in January 2021, Henrik Soderman stood down after having been Chairman for the last 4 years.  The Board appointed

  • Vivian Fankhauser-Feitknecht to Chair the Board
  • Honorary Chairman: Jorgen Rasmussen
  • Vice-Chairman and Legal Adviser: David Jenny
    Treasurer: Walter Hofstetter
  • European Scout Committee: Julijana Daskalov
  • Projects: Bianca Nesie-Bederag
  • Communications: Angieszka Pospiszyl
  • Regional Treasurer: Thankamar Wagner 
  • Regional Director: Abir Koubaa

Slight changes within Friends of Scouting Europe in the United Kingdom comprises of:

  • Alan K B Beavis, OBE: UK Co-ordinator
  • Anne Whiteford: Trustee Eric Frank Trust
  • David McKee: Recently Retired Director of WOSM European Region
  • Steve Morton: Team Leader, Regional Scout Plan Co-ordinating Team – European Scout Region

FOSE Friends News

We are pleased to advise that in the St George’s Day Awards 2021, a Friend Kevin Wallis has been awarded the Silver Wolf. Several of us were able to join the  virtual presentation of the award to him.
We were saddened to hear that our friend John Beresford passed away at the grand age of 93.

FOSE Co-ordinator Reports

The Annual Meeting for Super Friends – due to the Covid-19 restrictions this was held virtually in February 2021 and we were pleased to welcome the new Chairman of the European Scout Foundation Vivien who outlined her plans for the future.
The Co-ordinators from fifteen countries presented their Annual Reports. I was able to present the Annual Report for the UK Friends.

For statistics:

  • Number of Annual Friends end of 2020: 39
  • Renewed in year: 33
  • Life Friends (including those who have passed away): 21
  • We recruited 2 young Friends (30 yrs old or younger) and 2 new Friends
  • Two Annual Friends upgraded to Life Friends
  • During 2020 we held two virtual FOSE Receptions in the UK.